Xmas tree market

Went to buy our Xmas tree at the market :)

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Woke up one morning in the beautiful city of Praque, with sunshine through the windows and classical music all around. I was craving for coffee and you kissed my hand saying “darling, let’s go outside and find the best coffee around”. I was extremely pleased and content, though dazzed by the yellow autumnish sunshine, colorful leaves and smelly strange breeze (turned out that Prague is quite polluted). No complaints, just acceptance of the things we could reach, of the old architectural amazingness, the crowded touristic streets.

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quos ego
Web definitions
  1. Quos ego are the words, in Virgil’s Aeneid, uttered by Neptune in threat to the disobedient and rebellious winds. Virgil’s phrase is an example of the figure of speech called aposiopesis.


And somehow, interestingly, a motivation to read the Aeneid.

I will keep adding mind notes and learnings from A Lover’s Discourse.


I am sick at home, recovering with tunes and relaxation methods. I started reading A Lover’s Discourse by Roland Barthes (you can borrow it online on openlibrary), after recently being on a roller-coaster ride of inspiration and emotional follie while reading The Marriage Plot two weeks ago. It’s all inconspicuous until I get to really grasp the nature of semiotics. Simply. Gorgeous.

Of course, the cloudy skies, the Spotify plalist “Lazy Weekend” on a Thursday, the coffee, the surrounding creative specks of yarn in wait, they all induce a certain atmosphere of longing for knowledge, thirsting and not getting enough. Many many books on the to-read list, one would go mad with anticipation. And so I am impatient and trying to pace myself. Lovely tunes and crusty phrases.

This is how I will remember Magdaléna Rúzsa. She sang orher peoples’ song, which is ok, she has a very good voice. However, the songs she sang were so good for dancing and for cocktails. It was rather difficult to sit still on my chair in the theatre. I got the point of it all too, she basically presented herself, her life, in Hungarian. I understood a lot, except for the little jokes with very specific language. She told about the war, about her childhood. She has a nice talent for talking, that is for sure.
However, and this is a big however: the concert lasted for almost 2,5 hours without any break whatsoever.
Here we go with the applause now :) the Hungarian way :) the neverending type.


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